The Ultimate Performance Catamaran Comparison: Cure 55 Takes the Lead

When it comes to extremely liveable, high performance catamarans there are several options available in the market, each with its own set of strengths and considerations. In this article, we will compare some of the highest quality performance catamarans available today: HH 55, HH 52, Outremer 55, Outremer 52, Balance 526, Balance 580, and Cure Marine’s Cure 55.

While each of these catamarans are top-of-the-line, Cure Marine’s Cure 55 stands out as the most favourable option primarily because Cure Marine’s founder couldn’t find anything for his own family that was built to the standards he knew boats could reach, and so he set about rectifying that.

Read on to learn about the Cure 55, and use the table below to compare technical specifications.

Performance and Speed

Powerful Speed of the Cure 55

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a performance catamaran is its ability to outrun strong weather systems, get to where you want to go, and enjoy the feeling of adrenaline that comes from a proper sail. The Cure 55, designed by Cure Marine, is built to match the waterline length of the others, yet is significantly lighter which translates to earlier acceleration and greater speed.

“I grew up watching my dad in his shed, always working to make something lighter or faster,” said Co-founder Dave Biggar. “You’ve got to have the best equipment to win. I know that a 15 tonne, 55 foot isn’t going to bring the best performance specs for a cruising catamaran, so I knew we could do better.”

How does the team build such a lightweight, powerful performance cruiser? By getting rid of parasitic weight at every step. For example, full 48 v wiring is used throughout the boat which saves 300 kg on its own. While competitors may also use lightweight composite interiors, no other brand does this to the extent of the Cure 55. Think carbon skin doors and elimination of any timber on the vessel as just two examples.

Ian McMahon, who founded Cure Marine with Dave Biggar, said “After building boats for 20 years – monohulls, trimarans, catamarans – all composite based, all custom-built right down to engine install and interior fitout, I’ve got it ‘down pat’ on what to do, what not to do and where to refine every part of the process to build the lightest, strongest, highest quality boat.”

Even with such high performance, the Cure 55 is designed to be sailed safely single- or short-handed.

Comfort and Luxury

Experience Ultimate Comfort with Cure 55

Co-founder Dave Biggar knew that the decision to buy a performance sailing catamaran has to take into account how the whole family will feel when out on the water.

With the ability to get across oceans, explore new continents and keep all of your toys stored easily onboard, everyone will love the adventure. The Cure 55’s generous beam means there’s plenty of space for comfortable living.

The Cure 55 is powered by Yanmar 57 hp diesel engines with high output alternators, meaning no genset is required.

Whereas the HH options have a bridge deck clearance of just 900 mm, the Cure 55 delivers a sea-kindly 1.01 m.

The Cure 55’s air draft at just 25.3 m compares favourably, coming in lower than the HH55 at 26.9 m.

State-of-the-Art Features

Being the most recent design of the crop of performance catamarans, Cure Marine’s Cure 55 brings cutting-edge intelligence to the table. Every detail, down to the last fitting, has had to “earn its keep” to make it into the final product.

Cure Marine’s mission has never been to reinvent the wheel. Instead, the team is never satisfied with the status quo and strives to raise the bar, taking a holistic, obsessive approach to the entire design and manufacturing process.

Using state of the art nesting software and automated laminate cutting allows Cure Marine to minimise wastage at every opportunity.

“I always knew I wanted a boat built out of carbon fibre, and until I met the team at Cure Marine I didn’t know if it would be viable or cost-effective for me … it’s just top-end and makes you feel good about your boat.”

~ Tony, owner of Cure 55 Hull #1.

Because of the time spent on digital design, Cure Marine’s team is confident when they start building a product that they only need to build it once. The boat’s “digital twin” sets out the products, laminates and build schedule to exacting standards.

Comparison Table

Review the features below, and also at Catamaran Show, who provide a comprehensive evaluation of the Cure 55 vs. other models.

Feature Cure 55 HH 55 HH 52 Sport Cruising Outremer 55 Outremer 52 Balance 526 Balance 580

Length Waterline

16.64 m

54.58 ft

16.21 m

53.18 ft

14.89 m

48.85 ft

16.73 m

54.9 ft

15.72 m

51.56 ft

15.64 m

51.31 ft

17.78 m

58.33 ft


8.69 m

28.51 ft

8.1 m

26.57 ft

7.44 m

24.41 ft

8.29 m

27.2 ft

7.89 m

25.9 ft

8.28 m

27.17 ft

8.6 m

28.21 ft

Displacement Light Ship

9,500 kg

20,944 lbs

14,700 kg

32,408 lbs

11,590 kg

25,552 lbs


18,500 kg



40,786 lbs


15,700 kg



34,614 lbs

12,200 kg

26,950 lbs

16,668 kg

36, 753 lbs

Main Sail Area

109 m²

1,173.27 ft²

127 m²

1,367.02 ft²

98.38 m²

1,059 ft²

104 m²

1,119.45 ft²

95 m²

1,023 ft²

106.56 m²

1,147 ft²

140.9 m²

1,516 ft²

Cabins 3 3 or 4 3 3 3 or 4 3 3

In summary

While all of the performance catamarans mentioned in this article are inviting, the Cure 55 by Cure Marine stands out as the most favourable option: lightweight, incredibly strong and built to satisfy an appetite for speed combined with a comfortable lifestyle. The Cure 55 is an exciting new player in the Australian and international performance cruising catamaran market.

The Cure 55: Download the brochure

Download the full brochure … and leave it handy for your family to ‘discover’ so they start thinking that buying a boat is their idea 😉

We’ll then send you a link to the calculator so that you can input your preferred options and get a look at your Cure 55 specs.

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