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Check out some of our latest videos

Cure 55 sailing performance

Today we talk to Tony about sailing performance and it’s importance to effective cruising.

Cure 55 construction materials

Listen to Tony the owner of the Cure 55 hull #1 talk about the materials used in the Cure 55’s production and why it helped him decide to purchase a Cure 55 from Cure Marine.

At Cure Marine many of our vessels have been constructed using Carbon Fibre, and our team is well versed in using it in vessel construction. Our 2 pac paint finish completes and sets off the hull lines on the Cure 55, and the composite materials used in the interior fitout are strong, lightweight, and most importantly look the part.

Cure 55 visibility

In the 2nd part of a series devoted to the design and build of Cure 55 #1, we talk to Tony about the important issue of visibility and line of sight when navigating a performance catamaran.

Hear the lengths the team have gone to ensure that we are raising the bar in this critical area!

The O’Kellys

The O’Kelly’s take you to Cure Marine on the Sunshine Coast where they have the largest 3D printer in the Southern Hemisphere. They are going to use it to build a high performance carbon catamaran. Then we go racing on Zero, a G-Force Schionning built by Cure Marine.