Setting Sail into the Future: The Rich History of Cure Marine


In the picturesque landscapes of the Sunshine Coast, the seeds of a maritime revolution were planted in 2005 when two visionary locals, Dave Biggar and Ian McMahon, embarked on an ambitious journey. Their dream was to establish Cure Composites, a facility that not only excelled in composite manufacturing for the industrial sector but also set the stage for delivering high-end sailing vessels to sailing enthusiasts worldwide.

Founding Years and Composites Excellence:

From humble beginnings in Yandina, Cure Composites quickly evolved into a powerhouse, earning a reputation as one of Australia’s premier manufacturers and suppliers of flat panel products to the industrial sector. At the heart of their success was an unwavering commitment to utilising cutting-edge technology, effectively streamlining production processes, and setting new standards in the composites industry.

Pioneering Multi-hull Excellence:

Within the boat-building division, Cure Composites became synonymous with excellence in crafting performance multihulls. Notable vessels like ‘Zero’ (Schionning G-Force 1800 SSS) and ‘Chill Pill’ (Schionning G-Force 1500) showcased their prowess, earning acclaim for their performance and design in Australia’s sailing community.

The Ambitious Leap to Global Waters:

Fast forward to 2022, and the visionary spirit of Dave, Ian, and their dedicated team led to a pivotal moment in Cure Marine’s history. A bold plan was set into motion, aiming to introduce Australian-designed and constructed marine products to the global boating marketplace. Under the newly minted brand Cure Marine, the unveiling of the Cure 55 Catamaran on December 1, 2022, marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

Global Expansion and Industry Leadership:

With ambitious plans for an extended product range in 2023, Cure Marine, in collaboration with sister companies Zone RV and One Composites, is on a mission to elevate the Australian Marine Industry to unprecedented heights. The fusion of design innovation, manufacturing excellence, and a commitment to raising industry standards defines Cure Marine’s trajectory as a global player in the marine world.


As Cure Marine sails into the future, the rich history of innovation, excellence, and a relentless pursuit of quality remains ingrained in its DNA. From the industrial sector to the vast open waters, Cure Marine’s journey reflects the unwavering dedication of its founders and the entire team. With a commitment to setting new benchmarks and a vision that extends beyond horizons, Cure Marine stands poised to shape the future of the Australian Marine Industry.

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