Cure 55—Carbon Fibre Bridgedeck Infusion

Here at Cure Marine, we’re very proud of the wide range of world-class skills and capabilities that we have within our team. In this video, we show the process of infusing the main bridgedeck component of Cure 55 hull #2.

Our infusion process can be broken down into these steps:

  • A single piece of 24 metre wide custom-made plastic sheeting is fixed over the bridgedeck mould.
  • 350 metres of infusion hosing is attached, every piece having a unique code carefully labelled to identify the area of the mould it serves.
  • Epoxy resin is mixed to a careful and strict timing schedule.
  • The infusion station buckets are filled with mixed resin and kept topped up throughout the infusion process.
  • The clamps are removed from the infusion hoses in a specific order to release the resin, which is pulled through the mould via suction.
  • Over a period of a few hours, the resin infuses through the hoses and into the mould, starting from the bridgedeck centreline and flowing outwards.
  • The longeron of the Cure 55 is incorporated into the main bridgedeck, creating a single structural piece. An engineering feat in catamaran manufacturing.
  • The bagging and hosing is all removed for quality control and inspection in preparation for assembly of all structural elements.

Look out for more process updates here on the Cure Marine website.

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